The Waltham Forest Family History Society (WFFHS) holds contact and payment details for members for the purpose of maintaining membership records, sending out the journal, and keeping members informed. The details include members names and postal addresses and whether they have subscribed in a particular year. Details may also include a telephone number and email address, if provided, outings that a person has been on or purchase schemes they have participated in and any details needed in making payment. We also keep a record if someone decides to leave the society so that we do not contact them in future to renew membership. The Society may also hold preferences notified to us by members. We expect to hold membership information for five years, and any payment information for only as long as is needed to carry out payment. An annual membership list of names and addresses will be archived.

The Society holds members' email addresses for two purposes: direct contact with individuals, and sending out email with family history related news or about events the society is involved with. In the case of email updates, we send these by consent or explicit request. Members may change their mind at any time and opt out of receiving these emails.

The Web
The Society web site uses cookies and logging for the purpose of gauging visitor numbers, how visitors navigate the site and the popularity of pages. Logs are also used to monitor the operation and security of the web sites and provide diagnostic information where needed. Logs will be kept for one year.
Where the contact form is used, details supplied will be used to contact you and passed to the relevant person to respond to you. You will not be subscribed to email lists unless you ask us.

Suppliers & exhibitors
The Society holds contact and payment details where appropriate of suppliers and exhibitors for the purpose of buying supplies, and organising shows or events. The Society will hold this information for up to five years.

The Society must keep the accounts for seven years following the tax year in which transactions occurred. Any individual named in the accounts will have those details retained for seven years by the Society.

The Waltham Forest Family History Society has archives which include minutes of meetings and records of events it has held. These records may name people who took part in in events or were present at meetings. These records will be held indefinitely for historical research purposes.

Data Sharing
The Society does not share personal data with other organisations. If it becomes necessary then affected members will be informed and this policy updated.

Changes and accuracy
The Society wants its data to be accurate and up to date. If your details change or you wish to opt in or out of email, please contact the treasurer. If you want to see a copy of your membership record, please contact the treasurer using the contact form or using the details in the journal.