Industry in Waltham Forest

We do not see Waltham Forest as a great centre of manufacturing these days, however there are stil significant business in the area, and many more in the past. The folllowing list is of a some of the names for which there is material in the Waltham Forest Local Studies Library, provided by Steven Gardner.

To find out more about the extent of the material and to view it, you should contact the Archives and Local Studies Library on 020 8496 4381 or Opening hours are Thursday to Saturday, 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Lib Ref
Abbey Injection Moulding Company, Higham’s Park, Building file

Advance Components Ltd, Marlowe Road E17
Aerodyne Radio
AEC (Buses), Forest Road E17. Closed 1933?
Aldridge, Laurie (glassworks), Leyton, Building file
Allied bakeries
ASEA (Electrical engineering) 1898-194
Austin, F (Leyton) Ltd (furniture mfrs.), Argall Avenue Estate E10 (closed 1986). Trade name: Austinsuite. Building File
Baird & Tatlock (London) Ltd, ‘Higham House’, Walthamstow.  Building File. See also W24.95 Explosives/munitions manufacture

Banghams, A. E. & Co. Ltd. Spotlight on Industry 1949 (W24p) - at Grove Rd E17 (1925), Borwick Ave (1936). Staff 100+ 100 home workers.
Kelly’s London 1956 - Abco works, Borwick Avenue E17 & Wood Street - “Carnival novelty mfrs”

Bawn’s Factory (W. B. Bawn), Blackhorse Lane E17.     Building File

Benbros (London) Ltd, 145 Gosport Road E17 & 4 Sutherland Road E17 (Toy manufacture)
Bluestone & Elvin (Beeanese works, Blackhorse Lane, E17) Furniture manufacture
Book Protectors & Co., South Grove, Walthamstow.     Building File

Britains, Sutherland Road E17 (Toy manufacture). Brittains Ltd, Blackhorse Lane E17. Est. 1893 in Hornsey, Britain Petite from 1987, closed 1991, moved to Nottingham
British Animated Productions

British Celilynd, Burwell works, 97 Lea Bridge Road E10 (corner of Burwell Road)
Cardboard box manufacture.  Est. 1924 as D. Smith & Sons (1924) Ltd; 1934 became D. Smith & Sons; 1959 became Celilynd.
Moved from Leyton to Birtley, Co. durham in 1965 ; went into receivership 1969. See Wstow Guardian 19/6/1970 p. 13

British & Colonial Kinematograph Ltd, Hoe Street E17
British Xylonite Co. Ltd, Halex factory, Hale End Road (Plastics, established 1877). Building File. Xylonite magazine 1946-65, later BXL review 1965-73 (incomplete series)
Broadwest Film Company, Wood Street E17
Brown & Sharpe,  see Chamberlain Industries Ltd

Caribonum Ltd, Etloe Road/ Laura Road, Leyton     (Carbon Papers and Inked Ribbons, est. 1908)
Caribonum: from war to peace, 10pp + pull out chart of company organisation, published by the Company 1945
Caribonum 1908-1948, 67pp, b & w ill., published by the Company 1948
Caribonum Ltd: Makers of the world’s finest Carbon Papers and Inked Ribbons, product catalogue, 20pp, col. ill., published by the Company c1957
Chamberlain Industries Ltd, (“Staffa” motor) Argall Avenue E10
Developed Staffa motor in Leyton in 1955. Taken over by Brown & Sharpe in 1979. Production transferred to Plymouth 1982
Chappell, G. H. Ltd, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton        Machine-tools, est. 1879.
Collier Brothers, Bruner Road E17, see Essex Brewery

Cork Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Langite Works, Hall Lane, E4 (Cricket balls, cork gasket manufacture – trade name “Langite”). Est. 1922, moved to Hall Lane 1940, closed 1983.  Associated with Flexo Plywood Industries Ltd.
Cowlans (Walthamstow) Ltd, 357 Forest Road E17 Electrical contractor 1926-1996. Buildings File

Crawford Glass
H. Crowe & Co., blouse & gown mfr., Park works, Pearl Road E17

Crusader manufacturing Co. Ltd, Berwick Road E17 now KMP Crusader (Typewriters, 1897-)
I. B. Davidson, 588 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton (Film studios)    Ceased 1924
Davis & Timmins Ltd, see Walthamstow Turned Parts

De La Rue/ National Plastics Ltd.  Est. 1819, Shernhall Street  1911; Walthamstow Avenue factory  built 1936-38, National Plastics Ltd 1947, taken over by Courtaulds Ltd 1959, closed 1982
Devonshire Farm Dairies, 145 Coppermill Lane. Buildings File

Ditchfields, 790-794 High Road, Leyton (Toy shop). Buildings File

Dunhill Pipes Ltd, 32 St. Andrew’s Road, E17 6BQ. Listed in Kelly’s Post Office London Business Directory 1990. See also Parker-Hardcastle (Hardcastle pipes, Forest Road)

Electro Signs Ltd. See God’s Own Junkyard
Essex Brewery, Collier Brothers, Bruner Road E17

Ever Ready, Forest Road E17    Opened 1933, on former AEC site, closed 1971
Everett’s Stores Ltd, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55 & 69 St. James’ Street, 142 & 144 Northcote Road, 262 & 306 Hoe Street, Model Bakery 74, 76 & 78 St. James’ Street, 93 Black Horse Road (Warner Estate branch, corner of Courtney Road) 483 Forest Road c.1899-1914
Faerie Glen (Doll’s clothes & toys), Walthamstow. (Photo by William Vanderson/Getty Images 1967, from web, see W24.8p) Not in Kelly’s London 1956, 1967, 1973.
Falcon Gun Co.
Penny Fielding Gallery & Interiors, 34 Orford Road E17 2004-14. See Biography File – Fielding, Penny

Flexo Plywood Industries Ltd, Hall Lane, E4 (Plywood, trade names “Flexene”; “Zest”). Associated with Cork Manufacturing Co. Ltd, see above.
Ford Motor Co., Blackhorse Lane, E17, a subsidiary engineering plant, est. 1947, ceased c1967

Fuller Electric Ltd/ ASEA (Fulbourne Rd E17, 1898- ) (Electrical engineering)
Gillards (pickle sauces/ later meat pies)    Est. 1867, Vintry Works, 213-5 High Street E17 from 1882, entrance later in Westbury Rd. Closed 1990’s.

D. Gilson & Co Ltd. See Walthamstow Turned Parts

Gnome et le Rhone/ Peter Hooker Ltd. See also Buildings file - Gnome House, Blackhorse Lane
God’s Own Junkyard/ Electro Signs Ltd (Vallentin Rd + Shernhall Street from 2014
R. M. Gray and Co.
Grovewell Ltd (rubber & plastic toys), 656 Forest Road, E17. Kelly’s London 1956

Hammon Brothers, Elmsleigh Works, Edinburgh Road E17. Kelly’s Essex 1926, listed under “Toy Maker

Hammond & Champness (lift mfrs., c. 1963-8), Blackhorse Lane E17.
Hardcastle pipes, Forest Road E17. See Dunhills, Parker-Hardcastle

Harris-Lebus    see Lebus

Haskins (rolling shutter mfrs.), Gnome House (c. 1964), Blackhorse Lane E17

Hawker Sidley Power Transformers Ltd (Electrical engineering)
Hitchmans Dairy/ St. Ivel. Opened 1867, St Ivel took over in 1920’s, Hitchman’s taken over by Unigate in 1963
Holmes Brothers (London) Ltd) (Furniture manufacture) est. 1867, Co. formed  1884, from 1922 at Billet Rd, E17
Holmes Bros. (London) Ltd (‘Holbro’), (drawing office materials mfrs.) Stirling Works, Flempton Road E10
Kelly's London Directory 1956 lists 4 associated companies under Holmes Brothers (London) Ltd:
Radio cabinet mfrs, 37a Skelton's Lane E10
Repetition woodwork, Holbro works, Billet Rd, E17
Drawing office materials mfrs., Stirling Works, Flempton Road E10
Drawing instrument mkrs, 221 Lea Bridge Road, E10
Publications: “Holmes Brothers (London) Ltd: Walthamstow & Leyton, London 1867-57”. Published by the company: 1957, 8pp, 22cm, b&w photos.
Hooker, Peter Ltd
G. Houghton & Son, solicitors, 294-8 Hoe Street E17. Est. 1843. Closed 2014
Houghtons - Butcher/ Barnett Ensign Ross (Camera manufacturers). Clifford Road/Fulbourne Road, Walthamstow, formerly Spratt Brothers Ltd (est. c1908)
Huntingford, Roy (Organ builder, Walthamstow)
Ingle, Percy (bakers), Leyton. Est. 1954. “A family history of Percy Ingle” (The company, 2016) 12pp, b & w. ill., 21cm, pbk
AS Jasper, St. James Street & Billet Road E17 re-polished radio cabinets for British Relay Radio, a radio rental firm 1940’s – 1960’s. JAS “A Hoxton childhood & the years after”
G. H. Jarvis, Midland Station Approach, Leytonstone E11 (1927) (Auctioneers)
Kreochyle Co, Leytonstone, it was part owned by photographer Alfred Wire, 1883
Laboratory furniture (Furniture manufacture)   
Laburnum Moulding Mills Ltd (Sutherland Rd, E17) (Furniture manufacture)
Lack Brothers, drapers. Building File - High Street, E17

Lebus (Harris-Lebus) (Furniture manufacture) (at Tottenham Hale, not in WF)
Leslies Ltd, 76 Higham Hill Road, E17 (Est. 1823: Originator of the Zinc Oxide medical plaster –trade name Zopla)   Factory partially destroyed by fire 1967
Lidstones (drapers) 2, 4, 13, 15, 17 High Street E17. Est. c1899
London Co-operative Society Ltd. dairy, 220 Wood Street E17. See Parkers Dairy

London Rubber Company (3 files) Hall Lane, E4
Lotery, H & Co. Ltd (Clothing manufacture, 1897 – c1939)    Building File - St Mary Road, E17

Mann, Hugh Thomas 78 Lansdowne Rd, Leytonstone, Kelly’s Essex 1912, listed under “Toy Makers”

Mears & Gold factory, Flempton Road , Leyton. Destroyed by fire 2003. Buildings File

Micanite & Insulators Co. Ltd (Empire Works, Blackhorse Lane E17, 1901-67) (Electrical engineering)
Murex Welding Processes Ltd (Ferry Lane Works, Forest road E17)
Site became Ferry Lane Industrial Estate, demolished 2016. Company founded 1907 at Ferry Lane, Rainham, Essex, moved to Waltham Cross in 1938
National Plastics Ltd.  See De La Rue/ National Plastics Ltd

Nevill, H. W., South Access Road, Walthamstow.        Buildings File

Nichols Bros. (Wood Turners) Ltd, 2a Milton road, E17.  Est. 1949
Noble Bros., 53 Markhouse Road, E17    Kelly’s London 1956, listed under “Toy Makers”

Noton, S. (travel goods mfrs.), Endurance Works (c. 1964) Industrial estate being demolished 2015

Parker- Hardcastle, St. Andrews Road, Walthamstow.    Buildings File

Parkers Dairy, 220 Wood Street E17. Dairy on site 1899, Kelly’s 1956-86 listed as London Co-operative Society dairy

Parrott, E (Furniture manufacture)
Afred Jn Payne, baby carriage manufacturers, London, 1900-69: catalogues and printed papers.
XD 1 Payne
Philips Records. See Polygram Records

Pocklington & Johnson Ltd. See Spring Steel Productions Ltd

Polygram Records, Walthamstow Avenue. Buildings File

Precision Film Company, Whipps Cross
Prekalp of London (furniture mfrs.)
Rael Brook factory, 26-30 Forest Road (corner of Blackhorse Road) E17.  Opened 1964, closed 1986. Buildings File. Outfitters at 842 High Road, Leyton (Kelly’s 1965)

Rapid Radio (electronics shop) closed 2016. See Building File - Forest Road, E17

Rooney’s brush mfrs.

Rummages (furniture mfrs.)
Rumsey’s (furniture store)  c.1963. 290-298 Hoe St E17 & 84-90 Leytonstone Road (Thatched House) E15
Short & Mason Ltd (Meteorological & other scientific instruments), Aneroid Works, Hale End Road, E17 (Brand name – Tycos)
Shortlands Press (printers) 650/652 High Road E10 (Leyton).
D. Smith & Sons (1924) Ltd. See British Celilynd

Spratt Brothers Ltd, Clifford Road/ Fulbourne Road (est. c1908). See Houghton-Butcher

Spring Steel Productions ltd (incorporating Pocklington & Johnson Ltd), West Works, Fulbourne Road E17 c.1900-80
Staffa Products. See Chamberlain Industries Ltd

Tenby & Penny (Stained glass manufacturers), 38A Beulah Road, E17    Est. 1963
Thomas De La Rue. See De La Rue/ National Plastics Ltd

Tower Press Ltd
Turnidge Ltd (furniture mfrs.)
Turkentine, R. W. (Cable rollers, jointers’ & contractor’s trucks and accessories).
36 Byron Road E17 Est. 1897.  Kelly’s Essex 1912 lists as Turkentine, Robert William, farrier, 182A and 400 Hoe Street & 36A Byron Road
Unichem (Pharmaceuticals) W24.96
Walthamstow Turned Parts, from 1961, moved to Hoddesdon in 1973, part of Astonia group. Previous names: 1909, D. Gilson & Co Ltd; Davis & Timmins Ltd.
Components for the electrical industry & the assembly of plungers for lamp-holders
Wells-Brimtoy, Progress Works, Stirling Road, E17 (Toy manufacture)
Wild Card Brewery
Wrighton, F & Sons Ltd (Billet Rd, E17) (Furniture manufacture)
Young & Marten Ltd (builders merchants & iron founders, c.1900), in W & Leytonstone. Catalogue.
Zopla. See Leslies Ltd